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Making the Gospel Go Viral

See Christians engage in hot topics unlike ever before.

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Behind the Scenes

Dive into the"why" behind  Anchored North's latest series to reach this generation with the gospel – you'll be inspired!

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Become equipped to dialogue about today's most controversial and divisive topics from a Christian worldview. 

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Enjoy Q & A with Anchored North as they discuss how they will use this online show to reach millions with the gospel.

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Honest Discourse premiere + Q & A + evangelistic opportunity

"I'm done watching producers use viral video formulas to steer an entire generation away from Christ. 

The time has come to use these formulas for the glory of God, the ministry of His Spirit, and the exaltation of His Son.

It's time to make the gospel go viral."

- Greg Sukert, Anchored North

Christian, pro-life nurse conversing with a pro-choice nursing assistant.

The Internet Is Killing Christianity

Media today is rapidly shaping the worldviews of this generation to celebrate abortion, materialism, gay marriage, violence, pornography, and relativism. Secular viral videos are dismissing Christianity and are seen by millions. As a result, Millennials are leaving the church, and churches have a frail online presence and are lacking media experience to reach them. 

Meet Your Hosts

David Reynosa

Director, Anchored North

Director, Anchored North

Greg Sukert