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The Internet Is Killing Christianity

Media today is rapidly shaping the worldviews of this generation to celebrate abortion, materialism, gay marriage, violence, pornography, and relativism. Secular viral videos are dismissing Christianity and are seen by millions. As a result, Millennials are leaving the church, and churches have a frail online presence and are lacking media experience to reach them.
“Anchored North are young, gifted, cutting-edge, prayerful, very passionate and they're anchored in the Word - they have the necessary ingredients for an effective ministry."



What People Are Saying About Anchored North

"Anchored North is precisely what the doctor ordered to remedy so much second-rate, theologically attrocious video production. Lost people are going to be found because of Anchored North." 



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Introducing the Video Tract

Anchored North is a team of Christ followers using media to urgently reach this generation with the gospel, connect them with local churches, and proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord. We film people's testimonies and promote them to reach millions of viewers online. We call them video tracts because of their immense ability to reach someone with the gospel in a bold and clear way.
In 2018, our Christ-centered videos reached over 2 million people. 


Engage the Viewer

Each video is short (on average under 5 minutes) and purposefully crafted with cinematic storytelling to grip the human heart.


Anchored North's goal is evangelism. Every video tract tells a story of Christ's redemption so that viewers may know Jesus Christ as Lord.


Evangelize the Viewer

Educate the Viewer

Each video tract is infused with the truth of God so that viewers may learn about their need for Christ and His redemption.


Equip the Church

Every video tract points to the gospel and then to local churches for discipleship. We esteem the church as primary and want to see it grow through viral videos.


Anchored North's 2019 evangelistic campaigns address issues such as New Age religion, Judaism, and the prosperity gospel. Every single video directs people to the gospel and live text/chat opportunities where viewers can talk with a Christian and connect with a local church.

Upcoming Video Campaigns

Evangelists First.

Media Producers Second.

Co-Founder Greg Sukert Open-Air Preaching
Co-Founder David Reynosa Street Witnessing
"Thank you Anchored North for supplying the tools to be able to share to this lost and dying world."

Together we can reach 3,000,000 people with the gospel in 2019.

all donations are U.S. tax-deductible

all donations are U.S. tax-deductible